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We welcome all to our Testimony Page.

The Testimonies below are from many of my On Line Friends, as well as mine and my wife's..also a recent young man from our church, who would want you to be blessed as you read, and maybe encouraged and Challenged in your Christian Walk with the Lord.

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Geoffrey Moore

Louise Kim Moore

Liam Thomas

Paul "preachp" Michaud

Marty Few

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Geoffrey Moore
Born once March 27, 1951
Born Again 1959.

Geoff Moore

I wish I could remember the exact date I came to know Jesus Christ as my Personal saviour from Sin. Unfortunately, I can't.

I know my Dad had left my Mother because he claimed, of her "religion". However I have always known he left us because of Alcohol.

I do think my Dad probably admitted that himself a long time before he died, exactly 5 years ago, as I write an amended record here, January, 2008. .

But this story is not about my Dad, but I am pleased to know I will see him in Glory, with my Mum who also now has moved on up to Glory at the end of May this year;some day- as he too came to know Christ as Saviour just THREE WEEKS before he Passed over to Glory.

My Mother was saved at a Billy Graham Crusade in 1959 and it wasn't long after that she told me about God and how Jesus died on the Cross and Shed His precious sinless Blood on Calvary nearly 2000 years before, to pay the penalty of my sins, past, present,and future.

Then and there I bowed my head beside Mum's bed and received Christ as my personal Saviour.

As I often share with people I was so young when I was saved that I have probably sinned a lot more since I was saved, than I did before. But now I had an advocate that on my behalf would go to my Heavenly Father, as I prayed and confessed my Sin to Him. I did not have to go to a priest for forgiveness of my sin. And I could be sure my sins were placed under the Blood of Christ on Calvary for ever.

There were many times the Lord convicted me again as I grew up of my need and I would often go forward again and again as my knowledge increased in the things of God. I remember one time someone complained to my Mum that I was going forward too often but the Pastor at the time said there was nothing wrong in a young person obeying God's voice as he was challenged by something in the message or Sunday School lesson.

I grew up in a church where although the Gospel was preached every Sunday, there was something missing.

In 1974 at the age of 23- I, with 10 others from that church decided we wanted to follow the Lord in Believers' Baptism.

One of our regular speakers who used to preach at our church was a Visitation pastor for Pennant Hills Baptist Church- our own church not being against Believer's Baptism but not really teaching it either...we all were baptised on a Sunday afternoon in 1974.

This was to be the turning point in my life!

I remember as I came up out of the waters of baptism, having this exhilliarating, exciting feeling - a real sense of God's presence in my life as I had never known before!

From that moment on I felt like my Christian life had direction.

I knew God had His Hand on me in the following Days, Months and even years!

It was not long after this wonderful time, the Lord took me out of that church and I began to attend Metropolitan Baptist Church, then meeting in the old Congregational Church Building in Chatswood, Sydney.

At the end of 1975, I attended a Family camp at Yarrumundi, where one of the speakers was Pastor Randy Perkins, at that time pastoring Calvary Baptist in Adelaide, South Australia.

It was during his preaching I felt constrained by the Lord that I should surrender my life completely to Him for whatever He wanted me to do.

After the Camp I spoke to my Pastor (now Dr Marvin Matthews)about going to Bible college. He counselled me that I should wait until the following intake in 1977.

I was at that time working at Macquarie University in a very secure position, so you can imagine the battle I had with "Old Slew Foot" the Devil and of course my own flesh, about the thought of giving up such a worthwhile job as I had there.

But! The Lord won the battle!

In January 1977, I resigned from my position at the University, and prepared to enter Bible College.

The Lord tried my trust in Him for one week after college started; as in that time I had not obtained part time work to tide me over during the year of studies.

But God was faithful and ONE WEEK after I started at college, I began Organ Teaching in a Music Studio in Hornsby for several hours a week that tied in with my committment at College.

The employer also wanted me to work in his Music store when I wasn't teaching in the studio. Actually as the year progressed Bob (my Boss) and I became good friends, so much so that he actually wanted me to leave College and go into a partnership with him in a new store he wanted to open.

I was glad I never took up that offer though, as he closed down not all that long afterwards.

I completed my first year of college wih a lot of difficulty and I decided that I could not cope with the workload of study and so on. I had physical limitations that were impeding me then; but I never knew about them until many years later.

(In the interim between College and then much later coming to a promotion for work to Concord Hospital; I had the privilege of meeting a doctor at the Hospital who actually, as it turned out, did some tests and actually diagnosed many of my physical problems, in 1984.)

Cutting a long story very short... I started work in the Australian Public Service in 1983 and in 1984 I was promoted to Concord Hospital and, later, there, I met my future wife, Louise.

I really liked Louise but I knew that unless she came to Christ I could not be more involved than just a friend.

We started going out together, but all the time I knew I had to share the Good News of the Gospel with her.

Louise was wonderfully saved on November 10, 1985 after I shared the Gospel with her and she responded so enthusiatically, I was shocked!

(I guess God was again proving that He is a Prayer Answering God!)

In 1987 I married Louise and we decided we wanted to come out here to Penrith to live and the Lord brought us to Nepean Baptist Church, where I had served many years before.

I believed the Lord had a work for me to do but I never knew what form it would take.

Apart from my ministry in Music in our Church, I was asked by the deaconate and Pastor to get a Website going for our church.

Thanks to a good Sister in the Lord, who I met online back in 2000, I believe it was; we had expert help in getting our Church 'on the World Wide Web' in August 2002.

I am thankful for what the Lord has allowed us to do in Cyberspace and I trust that out of approaching 45,000 visitors at time of updating this in 2008, we have had up till this time - some have been touched with their need of our Wonderful Saviour.

Not forgetting Louise who has stood by me and behind me in this ministry and prayed for me each day as I get online to either work on the Website or to be a blessing and encouragement to someone out there in Cyberspace.

Thanks for reading this, and may God Bless you as you seek to serve Him in whatever field He calls you to do,

Geoff Moore.

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Louise Kim Moore - Testimony of Salvation

Born Once 25/3/60
Born Again of the Spirit 10/11/1985

Louise Moore

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and Hearing Impairment as a result of my Mother having Rubella during the first trimester of her pregnancy.

I went to a handicapped school, Northcott School for Crippled Children at Parramatta, in the West of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

I was the only hearing impaired child there among all the other handicapped kids. Then I went to Canley Vale High School and I was, again - the only handicapped student amongst the deaf kids.

We were in a special class called "Opportunity Deaf Class" attached to a normal high school.

After high school, I went on to Mt Wilga Rehabilitation Centre for 'Post Accident' people, preparing or retraining for work.

I was there for 18 months, then I sat for my typing exams for the Australian Public Service.

I got my first job at Concord Hospital as a typist for 11-12 years and afterwards, at the Taxation office for 6 1/2 years.

I was brought up Catholic, had no Sunday schooling, except for very little religion lessons in Primary and High school.

I remember when I was 8 years old my Mum took me to see a Nun after Mass one Sunday, to give me a little bit of a lesson on First Holy Communion. Me, being very young and innocent - it all went over my head.

When I made my Confirmation at the same time as my younger brother, his school was showing a film on Pentecost and I learned something on that.

Years went on, and I used to find the Mass was always repetitious, and boring; and being hearing impaired I never used to hear the sermons much.

I was never taught the doctrines or the system of the Catholic Church.

During my working years, I had a busy social life.

Going to Tech, learning subjects; such as History, Drama, Floral Decorating.

The Social Calendar included Discos, parties, SPLASH (swimming club), Rotaract Club, and Horseriding for the Disabled.

I also travelled Overseas to Europe; Britain; Noumea and Fiji.

During my trip overseas, I was miserable.

I went with a group from the Uniting Church, Brisbane, who had helpers to help the handicapped travellers.

We went to all sorts of different churches, some were huge and beautiful, but it became monotonous.

We Went to some other places but not to all the tourist places.

St Peters Square in Rome was where I was really confused about life.

After the trip, it was back at home and work life as usual.

Wondering what life was all about and its purpose and who would accept me the way I was.

I came to seek about other religions.

I asked Mum one day, about other churches.

Mum just said "The Catholic church is the only one church."

Then I thought to myself, 'I'm not going to get anywhere with Mum.'

The Lord knew I was seeking the truth about life.

So he brought Geoff along; now my husband into my life to witness to me.

As we were dating he kept on saying we must have a big talk.

I was against it, for a while; but one day I asked him.

Then he told me how we can have a close relationship with Jesus, and how He died on the cross for my sins. Also, that we can be forgiven of our sins and be saved; and have Eternal life.

I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour from sin, on 10th November, 1985.

In January 1988, I followed the Lord in obedience to scripture and by His example and went through the waters of Believers' Baptism.

The Lord has changed my life, he has helped me to grow up, given me knowledge of his Word the Bible, and what's going on around me and in the world; and people.

I can look back and see why he allowed me to be 'disabled'; so I can be an encouragement to others.

Louise K. Moore

Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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Liam Thomas.
Born once:2003
Born Again: 2016.

Liam Thomas

Liam Thomas's Testimony.

Well my grandma, she's really 'religious' and I started reading some of the bible.

Then I came to youth group and Nigel, the Youth Leader,had a guest speaker who opened up my eyes.

He was an Irish man who talked about how he grew up in a non Christian house and about how he was always sinning and doing the wrong thing until he was 12.

A pastor was talking to a youth group that he was at, and the pastor started talking about how you can't sit on the fence and asking
"can you guarantee you're going to Heaven if you died tonight."

He said when he went home that night he cried because he felt like it was directed exactly at him.

After hearing this man's testimony I knew I needed to know the Lord myself.

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Dr Marty Few
Born once:Dec 14th 1934
Born Again: 19th January, 1969.

Marty Few

Dr Marty Few's Testimony.

Have you ever stop to ask yourself this question?

Nicodemus had been a follower of Judaism all his life, his parents no doubt carried out all the required demands of the law (as far as humanly possible) by observing and sacrificing accordingly - but none of this ever help Nicodemus at all - that is as far as spiritual life went.

This is why Jesus said to him that night: John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

I was in the same boat as Nicodemus having been born into a home where mom and dad carried me to church from as far back as I can recall.

  • We lived on Dunean Mill village,
  • the mill owned the village and their employees lived in the houses.
  • We paid .50 cents a month per room.
  • My dad was a steward in the Dunean Methodist church (as it was called back then).
  • After High School I joined the USAF just to get away from home not knowing that God had other plans for me.

It was while in boot camp (San Antonio) that I went with my friend to a Baptist service just because we could eat homecoming cooking afterwards.

I found out that in order to have bible salvation I had to be born again and I thank the LORD for showing me this via the Holy Spirit.

But not until 19th January, 1969, was I to come in contact with the one who said to Nicodemus "Ye must be born again" and from that night as I left that service after having been drawn there by the Father to be born from above - was I able to for the first time in my life have the peace that passeth all understanding.

For the first time in my life, and with all the experiences that had taken place which never brought me the peace that passeth all understanding, I heard a preacher preach: a man that was doing what you are doing and went to hell I had never been there before and only went because a friend invited me too and just knew he had talked to that preacher about me.

  • I saw myself lost, on my way to hell and felt like it was going to take place right then.
  • He didnt have to talk me into coming forward, I was ready,
  • I had been in and around church all my life, from Methodist to Presbyterian to Holiness, to Baptist, what a mixture;
  • and had there been a Ca'tholic around us I would have probably tried them out.

It was that night the joy of experiential salvation became real to me.

At the age of 34 years and one month and five days, Jesus Christ was revealed to me in the word of God by the Spirit of God as my personal Saviour and redeemer.

Now I admit that this only took place after I was placed under spiritual arrest by the Spirit of God, stood before the bar of justice, saw myself as God showed me a lost hell deserving sinner - and for this to happen one must be 'quicken' or they remain in trespasses and in sins.At that time, I had begun to attend.

There followed shortly a conviction; comparative to - (but different than) my call to salvation.

The first Saturday after salvation I was on the street corner giving my testimony; a few Sunday nights later announced my calling to preach and making known this calling to my pastor.

After serving the Lord there He called us out and sent us to start a church on the mission field of Houma on the 29th January, 1971. By His grace we have continued to this day (when this testimony was originally posted-March 28, Sunday January 4, 2009) with all the troubles that beset us, the tears that accompanied them and the triumphs we saw by His grace and power.

What souls we witness come to Him they came because he called them and not me.

When the Lord truly calls a person to salvation He assumes the full responsibility for His actions by guiding them into the truth. This stands true for what ever service He has for them to perform.

  • In my case it was to preach the glorious gospel of the grace of God to which I was ignorant of at the time.
  • Not knowing then that it was His responsibility because of purpose to train me, and to reveal to me and guide me by what ever means needed into truth.
  • And this He will do since all is based and dependent upon His own sovereign choice.

Sure sooner or later errors held by all of Christ's servants will be called into question by exposure to the truth.

In just a few months time after my conversion I was brought face to face with the doctrine of Eternal Security in such a way that there was no deviation.

  • The scripture just stood out and my only recourse was to take sides to the unerring Word of God and there find the true answer.
  • In no time at all I became a firm believer in the blessed truth of the Eternal Security of the believer.
  • From there it was up hill all the way.
  • Even though there have been times when the devil gave me a fit there have also been times when God made that dirty bird stand at attention, behave and watch while he saved another soul by grace and allowed me to shout it out!!! GLORY!!! TO THE LAMB!

Many will profess to know Him all their life and then in that day hear Him say:

Matthew 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. I pray this will not be you!!!

In his Grace,
Marty Few

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Paul Michaud

Testimony of Paul Michaud

Born Once: 8th February, 1956.
Born again by the Spirit of God:29th April, 2005

In 1994, my wife and I started attending church again. We had both neglected our spiritual lives and had felt that something was missing from our lives.

At that time I was catholic. I had noticed that every time I came home from church I was somewhat depressed and found no solace or peace in the services. Yet every time my wife, who is a Baptist, would return she would be uplifted and full of joy.

  • After many months of this I asked why this was.
  • She and brother then began to witness to me.
  • During the next six months I learned more about salvation and the true Gospel of JESUS CHRIST than I had ever heard in my life.

On April 27th 1995 I accepted JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and SAVIOR.

In 1996 I was called to preach and teach.

I started out with a bang as the pastor at a small Baptist church. A year later I left that church because of conflicts.

I returned to a Southern Baptist church and taught adult bible training class. They also had me preaching the Wednesday night prayer services when the pastor was unable to. I enjoyed all of these ministries.

  • After two years at this church, it began to shift to an all NIV church.
  • Neither my wife nor I were comfortable with this.
  • We sought out another church and found a Southern Baptist church that was very conservative and the pastor preached and taught only from the King James Bible.
  • I taught Royal Ambassadors boy's youth class, got involved in the choir, and prison ministries.
  • I was teaching and preaching in one form or another at all these churches and I was still responding to my calling.

In 2001 my wife and I came to Connecticut for my parent's 50th anniversary. I was offered a job at that and both of us prayed earnestly for GOD's guidance.

When I had told my current supervisor about the opportunity that had presented itself she simply stated that they were not going to make a counter offer.

  • We moved to Connecticut three days after 9/11.
  • Within three months we had purchased a home, a new car and settling in quite nicely.
  • It truly was miraculous the way every thing fell into place,
  • If GOD had not been with us we would not have been able to do all that had accomplished, in the short time that it took.

After moving here I purchased a motorcycle and a year later I was not paying attention and rear-ended a car.

I broke my pelvis in two places.

I didn't really associate that with anything at the time.

After moving here I had not pursued any ministry work per say. I did start doing some street corner evangelism in 2004. But this was not my true calling, and while being successful at it, it was not all that I had been called to do.

On August 5th 2005 I had a second motorcycle wreck.

  • This one was different.
  • First there has been no identified cause for the wreck.
  • There were no skid marks, no scrape marks, no obstructions, no oil or antifreeze spills.
  • The road was dry and clear. As I was making a sharp right hand turn the bike stood up and threw me off into the beam of a metal bridge.
  • The car behind me said I was flying through the air as though someone had reached down and grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me into the bridge.

I had been traveling at approximately 40 - 50 mph.

The impact was sufficient to rupture my spleen, fracture my skull, sternum, left preiorbital bone, left fibula, 4 ribs, left scapula, and break the bony prominences off two of my cervical vertebrae, and caused a traumatic brain injury.

The officer told my wife that if I had not had all my gear in he would be discussing my funeral and he had no idea how I managed to survive that impact.

If I had hit 2 feet in either direction I would have either been cut in half or drowned.

  • There was a car dealership across the street and one of the people working there that day was the supervisor for the first responders in the area.
  • He came over and immediately started to work on me.
  • Shortly thereafter the ambulance had arrived and put a life flight unit on alert. Though he had not been summoned yet the pilot collected crew and flew to an area 4 miles from the scene where he could land.
  • The ambulance transported me to the helicopter and I was flown to Dartmouth Hitchcock trauma center.
  • All this occurred before the police had ever arrived on the scene.
  • I was listed as critical for most of the next 6 weeks for one reason or another.
  • During my 6-week unconscious stay in the ICU I was under attack from darkness.
  • I suffered Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, from which the doctors gave me a fifty-fifty chance of survival.
  • Then I fought off two bouts of pneumonia all while still unconscious from an induced coma to prevent me from moving around and furthering my injuries.

This was a wake up call. I had avoided my calling from GOD and turned my back on my Christian duty.

Why did I do that you might ask? I don't know. I have asked myself the same question a thousand times.

At this point I have no answer for you.

  • It wasn't because I don't enjoy preaching and teaching GOD's Word because I do.
  • It wasn't because I didn't have the time because I did.
  • It wasn't because of a lack of opportunity because there were ministries that our pastor wanted our church to get involved in.
  • What happened to me was the direct result of my not heeding the calling that I knew was from the LORD.
  • I chose instead to do what I wanted.
  • I have no idea how many souls were lost, or how many Christians would have been able to learn something from me that might have helped them to witness to the lost.
  • I do know that those that have perished in their sins are lost forever.
  • How can I undo that? I cannot.
  • But the LORD saw fit to allow me to survive that horrendous crash and gave me a second chance. I believe that second chances are not something that we get very often. I have recommitted myself to the cause of the salvation of the lost and will not soon forget my wake up call.

I ask only this, if you get nothing else out of all this then I sincerely and earnestly pray that if GOD has called you to any ministry work please, please respond to that call.

Ours is a loving and merciful GOD, but HE will not wait forever for us to respond to HIS call.

It was four years from the time I started not responding until my wake up call.

It pains me because I have no reason for why I didn't continue in the path I had been called to. I didn't have to suffer all this if I had been faithful to that calling. I chose to ignore that calling and this was the result.

Again I can't say what would have happened if I had continued but I can say this: Since my accident I am now committed to the cause and will share the Gospel and will teach whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

I have rededicated my life to JESUS CHRIST as has my wife. Our love, thoughts, and prayers are with all who read this.

In the love and peace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST,

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