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Finally getting this area up and running! I hope in time to present some of my own thoughts and points of News you may be interested to read, as well. Here below is my first subject- will add to this as we area able.

Bad Habits In Churches.

For years, especially as a deaf person with a modicum of hearing impairment, it has always annoyed me at the rudeness of people.

I always try to wait when some folks are talking, until they finish before I interrupt. Sometimes as I wait for the first couple to finish- someone else comes up and butts in with some "urgent matter" that just can't wait a few more minutes.

Then there are others who, while you are already talking to someone; butt in - without any "by your leave" or apology - and proceed to divert the person to whom you are speaking, away.

I have noticed this awful habit in the churches with which I have been associated for more than 30 years. AND I must confess, for a long time I was guilty of the very same behaviour.

More to come - leave me a note (by e-mail through the link above or below)if you would like to add something in here.- Geoff Moore Australia.


Hospitality Amongst The Brethren

Coffee & Tea after the Service Vs Hosting a Meal in our Homes.

When I was growing up, there was never a Sunday as far as I can remember, my dear Mum, now with the Lord a number of years, did not invite guests home for a meal after church on a Sunday.

I feel like this "servant" aspect has been lost with a lot of us in this busy, busy age we live in.

I know after the service a lot of churches are doing the "coffee or tea" thing....but I feel like it is an excuse for folk NOT to have people in their own homes or not to have the trouble of preparing an extra plate or 2 for guests on a Sunday.

For some time now, my wife and I have tried to fill this awful gap in by having folks home on Sundays some times.

Because we are disabled we have a special scheme going with some of our visitors who come on a regular basis.

We swap courses with the visitors. We do the first course on one occasion and the visitors bring the sweets.

Then on the next occasion it is the reverse..the visitors bring the first course and we do the sweets.

We have found this a way of each of us contributing something and enjoying one another's company.

I know the Lord has blessed us and hopefully our guests in this as well.

By the way if any locals are reading more aspect when you come to our house is...we don't bother doing the dishes until you go we can have more time to fellowship!

Another thought comes to mind that in America the tendency is for folks to take visitors or speakers out for a meal rather than entertain at home.

One wonders how much more a visitor or special speaker might enjoy being hosted in a person's home rather than in an impersonal Restaurant.- But then that would involve a lot more work for the host in preparation, cleaning up the house, prior to the visitor's arrival; and the clean up afterwards.

If anyone has anything to add or comments please do not hesitate to e-mail your comments in the Link above or below. I would be happy to include other comments if you would like to contribute to the discussion.

Geoff Moore - Web Site Host- Australia.


Acts 1:8- What about Local Missions?

Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

I am posting this because it has been a concern of mine especially in our local churches that we seem to be preoccupied with FOREIGN MISSIONSto the overlooking and exclusion of supporting the needs of LOCAL Ministries, and Pastors.

For a long time we in the IFB Churches have held that we are in better shape that the Mainstream churches, regarding our church/pastor ratio. However this is no longer so!

For example in Australia, I know even in our own Independent Baptist Groups we have numbers of churches who are without pastors and preachers.

On the other hand, I know of long standing churches - from whence preacher boys have gone out to start works in their own state - who are not even supporting their own local preacher boys and Ministries.

I am interested to hear the opinions of my brethren in here regarding whether a preacher should have to continue in secular work while also pastoring?

Interested in your comments please.

Lord Bless,


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