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My Poems and Other Stuff.

Some Poems I read on Radio 2GB in 1984 on Jim Wilshire's Night Club Programme.

1 - "Biby's Epitaph" -Anonymous.

A muvver was barfin' 'er biby one night
The youngest of ten and a tiny young mite,
The muvver was poor and the biby was thin,
Only a skellington covered in skin;
The muvver turned rahnd for the soap off the rack,
She was but a moment, but when she turned back,
The biby was gorn; and in anguish she cried,
"oh where is my biby?"- The angels replied;

'Your biby has fell dahn the plug-'ole,
Your biby 'as fell dahn the plug;
The poor little thing was so skinny and thin,
'E oughter been barfed in a jug;
Your biby is perfeckly 'appy,
'E won't need a barf any more,
your biby 'as fell darn the plug-'ole,
Not lorst, but gorn before."

1- "The Biby's Epitaph" -anonymous.

2 - "Bush Christening" By A. B.(banjo) Patterson
Read by Geoff Moore on Radio 2GB, Sydney, in 1984.

3 - Geoff's Guest Appearance on Radio 2GB, Sydney in 1984
"In The Lime Light" segment
-A Satire on Geoff's different jobs
at Grace Brothers, then about my Music teaching, and lastly my Job at Concord Hospital

4 - A song I composed about Grace Brothers during my time there from 1980 thru to 1983
"Gracie's- 'We Care About You' "- the former slogan of the store.
A lot of these stores became part of the new Coles-Myer Group
that was happening just prior to my leaving Gracie's
Some of the stores in this song no longer exist.

Here are most of the lyrics
in case you can't hear
them properly on the recording that follows.

We're getting' better,
We're getting' better,
Come in to Gracies
We'll serve you to the letter
We're out to get you
We're here to help you
Here At Gracies.......
With all our great exciting stores
Bondi Junction
City Centre
Mt Druitt
Top Ryde &
Warringah Mall

We've got some bargains
and lots of great buys
Some super specials that'll
open up your eyes
We're out to get you
With lots of friendly service too, at Gracies......
We care about you!

5 - A song I composed about my time in the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

"It's Not What You Know
But Who You Know That Counts. "

Verse 1 and Chorus

It's not what you know
But who you know that counts
If you've got it all up there
It don't matter an ounce.


In the Public Service
that's the way it goes
it's Not WHAT;
BUT WHO you know!

2. There's a guy calls himself 'Hitler'
He's got it in for you.
If you wanna feel a bit 'littler'
He'll make sure that you do.


3. Since I've been in the 'Tower'
I've learned a thing or two
If you're feeling like a sower;
"Kev's circle's" there for you.


4. And Then there's *E.E.O.
or More like EEOW!
If management won't apply it,
Then I just don't know how?


5.Morale in Veterans' Affairs
Is at an all time low
Been there I ought to know.

(Chorus -this verse only)..

In the DVA that's the way it goes,
It's not "what", but "who" you know!

6. I'm sick of being treated
Just like a little twit
Between the 'Candy' and 'Heaven'
I just can't make a hit.....
Ever since I had my oppo's
I've been Looked at like a nong,
So now then...
Here is my song.(Skip Chorus)

6 Click The Tactful Taxi Driver.

1.The Taxi Driver sits in his car,
He waits for calls
from near and far.
He knows all the crooks,
he knows all the rooks,
He knows all the bad roads,
he knows all the nooks.

2.He knows all our sorrows,
he knows all our joys;
He knows all the girls
who're chasing the boys.
He knows all our troubles,
he knows all our strife,
He knows every man
who ducks out from his wife.

3.If a Taxi Driver told
half what he knows,
He'd turn all our friends
into bitterest foes.
He'd sew a small wind
that would soon be a gale
Engulf us in trouble
and land us in gaol.

4.He'd start forth a story
which gaining in force,
Would cause half the wives
to sue for divorce;
He'd get all our homes
mixed up in a fight,
And turn our bright day
to a sorrowing night.

5.In fact, he would keep the
whole town in a stew,
If he told but one-tenth of the
things that he knew.
So here is a hint:
if you pay him his fee,
He won't know a thing
but his A B C.

©(Poem only)C.J.Moore 2016 -Used by Permission

7 Click Dedicated To My Dear Wife Mim.(Miriam)

1.Who was it when we were young,
and our dreams were dreamt?
Who was it when I needed help?
Who was it when my clothes were
worn and needed a tack?
Who was it when my deals
went sour and I needed a pat?
My Dear Wife Miriam.

2.She bore my children
all healthy and well
She cooked and slaved
till our tummies swelled.
She cared for the garden
and fed the chooks,
And never complained
when feeling crook.
My Dear Wife Miriam.

3.She gave me advice
I never heeded,
And gave a push,
when it was needed.
She helped me with letters,
For which I am no better.
She helped me with buildings
and many constructions,
With banking and loans
when my account was 'destruction.'
My Dear Wife Miriam.

4.Who helps me
when I'm badly bent?
And I call on her
to collect the rents?
She sweeps and cleans
in every nook
And Still looks after me
when I'm crook
My Dear Wife Miriam.

5.I call on her to help clean bricks
She helps the children
when they get ticks
She helps and darns
all my worn out socks
Then I ask her to come,
help carry rocks
My Dear Wife Miriam.

6.She is a Grandmother
of a famous six
She loves them all
for their certain tricks
And knits and sews
from dawn 'til dusk
Until her voice
becomes quite husk
My Dear Wife Miriam.

7.Mim likes to read
my flambouyant scribble
I sure hope this one
doesn't make her dribble
Mim thinks I'm hard
and have no feeling
But it's only to stop her
from really 'keeling'
My Dear Wife Miriam.

8.There is many a word
I would like to say,
But that's not my style,
not even to pray
I could never've achieved
the things I've done
And life would have been
lacking a lot of fun
Without My Dear Wife Miriam.

9.Now ageing complaints
I have few, I think!
Taking tablets of white,
and yellow and pink.
I would never remember
to take the pills,
I'm sure I would end up
one complete dill
Only For My Wife Miriam.

©(Poem only)C.J.Moore 2016 -Used by Permission

Music and arrangment©G.C.Moore 2016.

8 - Next is a song that goes way back to the very beginning of television in Australia.
It is a song from a Disney children's show from back then
It has a kind of a Moral to it and features on a segment of the show about a cartoon
Character named "Jimminy Cricket"...he looked more like a Grasshopper in the show.
But here we go with the lyrics of the song as I was able to pick up in a search.

Click Cu-ri-os-i-ty.

"Cu-ri-ous-i-ty,"People say,
"Killed the kit-ty cat, one fine day,"
Well, that may be true, but hear me say,
"Here is what you do for cu-ri-ous-i-'tay'! "

9 - Accompaniment I composed to some lyrics (incl)
"My Kabeez"©By Jay Squires
I lift my eyes from the pink flowered meadows
From the rich brown soil the shoots push through
To the wisps of clouds nudged by fruited breeze
That carries my spirit home,
Home to my beloved Kabeez.


My Kabeez, My Kabeez
Our provinces soul
Though we fight far away
In our hearts we know
We Can Cast Them Within
And Behind Misty Eyes
Taste the Eternal Sweetness
of Our Kabeez.



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