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Carols and Songs.


This is a page of all the Christian Christmas Carols I have composed, including all the words and music.

Included in this collection are 2 compositions that were done to put a couple of Poems by Mrs Gwen Pierce, a friend of mine, back in the 1980's to music.

As an unusual twist to most of the music on this web site, nearly every tune on this page will be heard in it's entirity; ie ALL VERSES WILL PLAY!
I know there are one or two where you will still have to re-start your Media Player for each verse.
If you have any problems - please contact me by clicking on any of the e-mail links
throughout the Web Site, Thanks.

The Story Of Why My Carols Were Born.

  • Back in the mid to late 70's when I wrote the first three carols, they were created out of utter frustration with the world's warped idea of what the 'Christmas Message' really was.
  • Added to this was the sadness at the kind of music being played and sung, particularly on some of the "Carols By Candlelight" programmes on Television.
  • Ok! So what was I so sad about?
    It was the fact that so many of the songs being sung at these events had absolutely NOTHING TO DO with the true meaning of Christmas.
  • I just hope and pray these Carols and the other 2 songs below them will be a blessing and encouragemnt to you, as we remember the Coming of our Saviour, and the Reason for His Coming at this Season of Hope and Joy!

Click on the Carol/Song of your choice, below.
You may need to wait a few seconds for your Media Player to pick up the hymn you choose.


Click The First Christmas.

1. Joseph and Mar--y Came to Beth-le-hem
Shepherds were minding sheep.
And the Wise Men were scanning the heavens
The course of "THE STAR" to keep.


Christmas Time is here again
Its the birthday of Our Lord
He's the Son God gave our souls to- save,
We read it in His Word.

2.Joy to all men- and Glory on High-
Sang angels in bright array
But our Saviour had no place to lay His Head
Just a manger laid with hay-


3.Praise be to God for His Won-drous Gift to us
Heaven and Earth Rejoice
May the bless--ed Message of Christmas,
Be sung by ev'-ry voice-

Last Chorus:

Christmas Time is here again
Its the birthday of Our Lord
He's the Son God gave our souls to- save,
Now His mess-age you have heard.


Click *Glory To The Lamb

*Please note:This is similar to Gloria in Excelsis Deo
but it is an original composition of my own. -G.M.

1.Let us sing the Wondrous Story
Of the Christ, the One Who Came
Humbly as a Babe From Heaven
Let Us praise His Holy Name.


To The Lamb
Christ Our Lord Was Born
Praise His Name!
For He came that Christmas Morn!

2.Christmas Bells, 0 Hear them ringing,
Telling of the New-Born King
Born In Bethlehem, Judaea,
Of God's Matchless Grace We Sing.


3. Old and young then raise your voic-es
Join with us- to sing His Praise
Giving Thanks to God Our Father,
For that Hap-py Christ-mas Day.



Click He Came

1.The Lord came down from Heav-en
In true humility
Born in a lowly Cattle Shed
The Son of God Is He.


Our-- Heav--nly Father sent the Saviour of us all
That We From Sin Might Be Free
And we only have to ask Hi--m in
Our Friend fo--r life to be.

2.Now, friend if you are doub-ting
That you're at peace with God
Come bow your head to Him in prayer
Trusting in His Word.


3.We Wish you happy Christ-mas-
as we all praise God above
He gave to us His Only Son
That We might know His love.

(Last Chorus as above) then...add next end)
Jesus Died for us so we could live et-ern-ally.


Click He Came To Die For You.

This Carol was composed in early 2002.

1.Some think its time for getting pres-ents
Oth - ers an ex -cuse for get -ting drunk;
But it was a time many years ago,
For The Great-est happening of all.


0--h-- I'm just tired of us living a lie,
'Coz we know that Jesus was born to die.
Oh what a time for us all to come
An-d lay our lives at His feet.

2. There was no room for Jesus in the inn -
Have you got any room for Him?
Is your life so full on it's mun-dane course-
You are tossed about in the wind?


3. The World has blotted Christ from Christmas
Is He just an "X" in there to you?

Who cares if it's origins were some-thing else;
Jesus came to give life to You!

Last Chorus:

Oh--Don't you know He is Com-ing again!
If you'll take His Gift of Life, now -
you can come with us then;

Jesus Can save you If you want Him to...
(last line broader drawn out slower)


Words and Music incl Arrangement Copyright Geoffrey Moore Australia 2002.-
Permission to Use Granted on Request.


Click O Come Ye Our Firm Foundation.

  • This is a combined orchestration arrangement I compiled, of two well known Hymns.
    'O Come All Ye Faithful, and How Firm A Foundation


Here follows the other 2 Melodies I composed to the Poems by Mrs Gwen Pierce as above.

Click I Love The Lord - Poem by Mrs Gwen Pierce.

1.1 love the Lord, He is my Friend,
I'll--worship Him Until the end;
Up-on the Cross He died for me
For-gave my sin And set me free.

2.1 love the Lord To Him I pray,
He's my refuge-- Ev'-ry day
With faith and trust - He cares for me;
With-in my heart- He'll al-ways be.

3.1 love the Lord --He is my strength
My-- Joy, My Hope; My Peace, My breath;
For with these things I'll know I'll be
For-ever faithful Lord to Thee.

4.1 love the Lord And He loves me;
He- will- through all e-tern-it-y
And when He comes One Glorious Day
(next line broadened out slower)
He'll take me Home.... With.... Him.... To.... Stay!


Click Do You Believe - Poem by Mrs Gwen Pierce.

1.Do you believe that Jesus Came,
To Save Us from all sin and shame?
If you believe then follow Him----
Open your heart --- and let Him in.


Following the Lord every day
Following the Lord in Ev'ry way
If you believe then follow Him----
Op--en your heart------
And let Him in.

2.Do you believe that Jesus Died?
He, for our sins--- was crucified!
Nails in His Hands and feet to bear
A crown of thorns----
They made Him wear.


3. Do you believe that Je-sus Lives?
Yes! I believe that Je-sus Lives!
He's in my heart where He will stay----
So why not (sing quickly)fol-low-Him--
-With-out delay.



Closing Remarks.

I recently copied these over fro another old web site I have been running for years. Hope you enjoyed them.

Geoff Moore

Web Site Admin

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