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  • There are now FIVE Sermons pages, as well as the main Sermons Index page
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  • and the Testimony Page has been improved with some Faces to go with the Testimonies


Geoff and Louise Moore
  • This Web Site is for
  • the encouragement of, and building up of Bible Believing Christians,
  • as well as offering assistance to any who are seeking
  • to know the Truth of God's Word the Bible.
  • We believe in the
  • Pre-Millennial,
  • Pre-Tribulation return of Christ!
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AussieGuy Aussie Greeting
We hope you enjoy your visit! I have just copied over all my own carols from the old church web site to here. Click HERE! for those..... The Link (on the left) to the Sermons page on this page takes you to the Index of Bro Marty Few's Sermons Pages or you just go straight to them by Clicking HERE! for Sermons 1.....of earliest undated old Fifteen Minutes of Faith messages.and Click HERE! for Sermons 2 ......"Eternal Security Of The Believer"... and Click HERE! for Sermons 3..... with several studies 'As It Was";"They, Them"; & "Thy Word".... Click HERE! for Sermons 4..... Bro Marty's first part of an "Exposition on Ephesians".. Click HERE! for Sermons 5...... for the second part of the Exposition on Ephesians that takes you up till end of broadcast in December, 2014.There are now a total of 4 Sermons Pages PLUS the Sermons INDEX page linked on the side of this page....There is now a new Carols and Songs page (see the link at the bottom) with all my own Compositions and reason for same.We value your input please, if you get a blessing from what you see here we would love to have you Sign our Guestbook below. If you want to discuss something in more detail please e-mail me via the e-mail options on all the pages.

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